The Release Connector 5-pack

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Catch 50 % more trout - easier

With the new release-connectors from Jens Bursell, everybody - even beginners - can enjoy the advantages of micro trebles in terms of higher landing rates and less damage to the fish.

With the release-connector for in-liners and big tube flies you get the following advantages:

  • 50-70% higher landing rates *
  • 30 % quicker to mount
  • Better for the fish
  • Shorter unhooking times
  • Smaller hook wounds and less bleeding
  • Possible to unhook even deeply hooked fish 100 % under water with disgorger – se how at
  • All knots can be used
  • Braid, nylon and fluorocarbon up to 0,33 mm can be used
  • No special tools needed
  • Available in transparent, hot pink, red, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green and black.
  • Use with the treble hook Owner ST 36 BC X size 12

In order to get the best performance and highest possible landing rates with your release-connector, we strongly recommend you to watch how to mount the release-connector in the video below – and to scroll down and read the supporting advice text below the dealer links.

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