Daiwa Prorex TW 100

En ny Prorex rulle för det lättare fisket efter abborre och regnbåge, men funkar även till downsize fisket.

Tillverkare: Daiwa
Leverantör: Daiwa
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Daiwa Prorex TW 100

En ny Prorex rulle för det lättare fisket efter abborre och regnbåge, men funkar även till downsize fisket.

Rullen har Daiwas SW spole, som gör att kastlängden utökas betydligt.

The Prorex TW SV combines all of the latest DAIWA baitcast reel technology - the sV system reduces the threat of line twists during the cast and enables the application of both lightweight and heavy lures at one reel! 

Thus, the optimum lure weight is within the broad range of 5gr to over 80gr! 
Thanks to the lightweight SV spool in combination with the Air Brake system of the Magforce-Z magnet drag you don?t have to stop the spool with your thumb during the cast, since overrunning is prevented. The SV spool features almost no starting resistance and enables light and accurate casts. The reel body made of aluminum is absolutely distortion-proof and cares for a secure and tight housing of the gear - perfect for challenging situations.

The ATD drag system delivers the adjusted drag power without elevated starting resistance - perfect when thin braided lines are used. The handy, extra-wide soft-touch handle knobs offer an optimal handling also at high counterpressure. The Prorex TW SV therefore is the proper choice for fishing with large lures as well as for finesse fishing..

Kullager: 7+1

Utväxling: 6.3:1 

Linkap: 90 m - 0,31 mm

Vikt: 210 gram

Maxbroms: 5 kilo