Guideline Ultralight Foam Flugask - Orange

Foam flugask som är mjuk och formbar. Orange.

Tillverkare: Guideline
Leverantör: Guideline
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159 kr
189 kr


Guideline Ultralight Foam Flugask 

Ultralight floating fly boxes made of molded foam with micro slits in the interior. Large and Small have triangular foam in top and slit foam in bottom for combining dries and nymphs. Nymph (slim) box has triangular foam for maximum capacity on bottom side for the avid euronympher. Magnet closure and super lightweight (29grams for a small). 

Small: 13cm (length) x 8,5cm (width) x 3cm (thick). 
Large: 16cm (length) x 9,5cm (width) x 3cm (thick). 
Nymph: 16cm (length) x 9,5cm (width) x 1,85cm (thick).