Kinetic NeoGaiter Neoprenvadare - Filtsula

Klassisk neoprenvadare med filtsula

Tillverkare: Kinetic
Leverantör: Fairpoint
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899 kr
1499 kr


Kinetic NeoGaiter Neoprenvadare - Filtsula

Klassisk neoprenvadare med filtsula

NeoGaiter with felt, reinforced knees and a big chest pocket is known to be The Classic. With six different sizes and it´s durable and minimalistic design, these wader get the job done - year after year. Popular among fresh- and saltwater fishing as well as for the working profes- sional constructors that need strong and safe garments when working in the water. Comes in a felt boot and a plastic version. Attached boot with felt soles Popular for both fishing and working

  • The best choice for slippery rocks
  • Reinforced knees
  • Big chest pocket for keys and phone
  • Classic Olive color