Shimano Stella 4000SWBXG

Shimano Stella SW-B handlar allt om kraft och pålitlighet. För att ge Stella SW-B mer kraft har Shimano uppgraderat tuffheten, vev kraften, hållbarheten, stabiliteten och bromssystemet. Med teknologier som X-Ships kraftöverföring och förstärkt rotor, bygel och handtag. X-protect som hindrar smuts, salt och annat att tränga in i rullen.

Tillverkare: Shimano
Lagerstatus: I lager Leverantör: Normark
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Shimano Stella 4000SWBXG

Shimano Stella SW-B handlar allt om kraft och pålitlighet. För att ge Stella SW-B mer kraft har Shimano uppgraderat tuffheten, vev kraften, hållbarheten, stabiliteten och bromssystemet. Med teknologier som X-Ships kraftöverföring och förstärkt rotor, bygel och handtag. X-protect som hindrar smuts, salt och annat att tränga in i rullen.

The STELLA SW focuses on absolute power. To achieve it, toughness, cranking power, rigidity, water resistance and drag performances have all been upgraded. The core technologies are X-Ship, which enhances power transmission efficiency through the gear, plus Power Aluminium Body, X-Rigid Rotor, X-Rigid Bail and X-Rigid Handle to improve rigidity and eliminate loss of power caused by flexing. Synergy generated by all these technologies combine to prevent loss of power input from the handle and create enormous cranking power. In order to support this power, extreme toughness from X-Rigid Gear is introduced at the heart of the reel's body. X-Tough Drag, with its dramatically enhanced heat resistance and toughness, anticipates the blazing speed of bluefin tuna and giant trevally. Drag performance has been made even smoother, further assuring its reliability. In addition to these epoch-making mechanisms, focus is also placed on water resistance, in order to maintain their initial performance and toughness. The dependable X-Shield system has been applied throughout, and X-Protect provided at the roller clutch assembly - a crucial area for water resistance.